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Transaction Pro Version 8 for QuickBooks Desktop

The long-awaited Version 8 of Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Desktop is finally here. This new release is a result of feedback and enhancement requests from users like you. Three major software enhancements are included in Version 8:

  • Version 8 introduces the new product Launcher for Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Desktop. With the Launcher, all three applications—Importer, Exporter, and Deleter—are accessible from one location, which means less steps for you when setting up and using Transaction Pro. Whether you purchase Importer Only or the entire bundle, there is only one installation file and one icon to launch the programs.
  • Licensing is no longer a per-machine license; it’s now a per-user license. Each user will have their own activation information. Now, it’s easy to move Transaction Pro to a new machine, if needed, which means fewer hassles for you.
  • Version 8 is available for a 7-day trial and includes all three applications. Version 8 does not corrupt your data like past versions, and the trial includes all three applications: Importer, Exporter, and Deleter. However, there is a limit of 200 data rows among all three applications during the 7-day trial.

Additional minor enhancements and bug fixes are also included in Version 8. For a full list, read the Version 8 Release Notes.

We plan to continue adding new features with future releases. As always, we welcome your feedback and recommendations. Please email any requests to support@transactionpro.com with the subject line “New Feature Request.”

To try Version 8, click here.


*Please note that Version 8 is a separate install and a separate license. Previous version licenses will not activate Version 8.