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The Top 3 Transaction Types to Import into QBO this Summer

Ready for that beach vacation but can’t find the time to get away?

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The top 3 transaction types to import this Summer are…

1. Credit Card Charges

Save time on manual data entry. Simply download your transactions from your credit card company’s website, format your spreadsheet and import it into QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro.

2. Journal Entries

Need to add tax adjustments or depreciation expenses? Avoid manual data entry and leverage advanced options including: the ability to cross reference account description for account name, and the ability to specify a single column for Debit/Credit instead of separate columns.

3. Sales Receipts

Do you sell to customers and get paid on the spot? Import completed orders from e-commerce platforms and point of sale system. Simply format your excel, and away you go.

Save hours of time, every day, with Transaction Pro Import, Export, and Delete tools for QuickBooks Online.

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