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New QuickBooks Online Import Fields

To add new functionality to Transaction Pro, we continually review the QuickBooks Online import fields as Intuit makes them available to third-party developers and add them to Transaction Pro. We recently released an update to add support for some additional QuickBooks Online import fields.

The following QuickBooks Online import fields were added to Transaction Pro Importer: Bill Rate field in Vendor import and Class, Preferred Vendor, and Reorder Point fields for Product and Service import. Support for additional sub-account types for the Account list import has also be added. To see a full list of supported account and sub-account types, see this article.

In addition to adding these QuickBooks Online import fields, we also added a completely new import type in the selection list. You can process an import for the Terms list. Watch our YouTube channel in the coming weeks for a detailed  video for this new import type.

In addition, you are now able to update all available import fields for Products and Services. This includes the descriptions and General Ledger accounts for already existing Products and Services. When updating existing Products and Services, your import must include the Name and the field that you wish to update. This will be very helpful at year end when performing cleanup on your Products & Services list.

All customer feedback, from daily requests to our annual survey, is reviewed quarterly prior to the next release. We continue to improve Transaction Pro to remain the industry leader in QuickBooks data integration. Feedback and questions can be submitted at any time by emailing support@transactionpro.com.