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New Filter Option for Transaction Pro Exporter and Deleter: Display Name

When exporting data with Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Online, some of you have expressed the need to export Bills for only certain Vendors, or Invoices for only certain Customers. Previously, the only option was to filter these transactions by date to export, but now there is an additional option to narrow down the export by a specific Vendor or Customer (depending on the transaction being exported).

Once you have selected your date range, you will now see an additional filter option of Display Name. This is not a dropdown list; you will need to type in the name that matches the Display Name in QuickBooks Online exactly (spelling, spacing, punctuation and capitalization). Once the name is entered, click Preview and you will see only the transactions for that specific name appear, ready to export.

This new option is available for Vendors on Bills and Bill Payments. The option is also available for Customers on Credit Memos, Estimates, Invoices, Receive Payments, Refund Receipts, and Sales Receipts. The new option is available for the same transactions in Transaction Pro Deleter to help you narrow down the search for transactions that you want to delete.

Keep this in mind when using Transaction Pro Exporter: If you want to export all of a transaction without regard for the date, you can leave the date filter blank and all transactions for that type will be retrieved. If you want all of a transaction for a certain name without regard for the date, leave the date filter blank but enter a name to filter by and all the transactions for that specific name will be retrieved.

In Transaction Pro Exporter, once you Preview the data to be exported, you can return to the Data Filters tab in the application and access Export Options to change the columns to be exported, the order of the columns, or even the column names. The bottom section of this article explains how to use the Export Options in more detail.

As always, your feedback is valuable to us and helps to ensure that we are adding features and options that you need. Any time you have a request, please email support@transactionpro.com and put “Feature Request” in the subject line.