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Integrate Your Apps with QuickBooks using Transaction Pro

Applications that integrate with QuickBooks help people manage their businesses and finances easier. Some of these apps have integrations written by the software vendors. These apps, found on the QuickBooks Apps store, process transactions as they come in, organizing and syncing across devices, from mobile to desktop.

Other apps that don’t easily integrate with QuickBooks can use Transaction Pro as the liaison between QuickBooks and the app. Transaction Pro can customize the import with simple mapping configurations, making Transaction Pro function as a bridge between QuickBooks (both Online and Desktop) and the applications by utilizing Intuit’s Application Program Interface (API).

App-to-QuickBooks Integrations Using Transaction Pro
Nearly any app that can capture data and then export that data in a file format suitable for Transaction Pro (see file formats for Desktop and Online) can be imported into QuickBooks using Transaction Pro including:

  • Invoicing Systems: Import invoices from Point of Sale systems, online stores or custom invoicing systems.
  • Customer Payment Systems: Import payment data from systems like PayPal or credit card processing systems.
  • Time and Attendance: Track employee time for payroll and then import it into QuickBooks.
  • Project Management: Track activities and allocate them to specific customer jobs in QuickBooks. Time spent on projects can be extracted and imported as invoice data for billing clients.
  • Manufacturing and Production Systems: Move finished inventory items or manufacturing orders back into QuickBooks for completing sales orders and adjusting finished goods inventory.
  • Purchasing and Procurement Systems: Purchase Orders that start in these systems can be easily imported into QuickBooks as bills or bill payments.

Getting Help
Our Knowledge Base has hundreds of articles with step-by-step instructions that can walk you through this and other tasks you can accomplish with Transaction Pro. If you can’t find the help you’re looking for here, email our Customer Success Team at support@transactionpro.com.

Transaction Pro Expert Dan Mason