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Have You Outgrown QuickBooks?

As a business grows and matures, it becomes necessary to ask if QuickBooks is the appropriate financial system going forward. Before making a change, it’s worth asking one question: What features in QuickBooks has your business outgrown? The answer will likely result in one of three conclusions:

  1. There is unused functionality in the current version of QuickBooks that can address the business’s needs.
  2. The wrong version of QuickBooks is being used. The solution may be as simple as moving to QuickBooks Online Advanced from QuickBooks Online Plus or to QuickBooks Enterprise from QuickBooks Desktop Pro, for example.
  3. The business has indeed outgrown certain workflows in QuickBooks and third-party, best-of-breed or industry-specific solutions must be implemented. Sometimes there are interfaces or APIs that connect to QuickBooks, but when there isn’t an interface, Transaction Pro can make the interface possible.

Transaction Pro Importer Provides Important Link
Many businesses, whether they are small, medium or large, use industry-specific or self-developed applications that lack an interface to QuickBooks. Transaction Pro Importer provides the link between these applications where financial transactions are being created and the general ledger where these transactions need to be recorded.

Any application, from payroll systems to expense management applications, that can export data to an Excel or .csv file can work with Transaction Pro Importer to bring that data into QuickBooks. By taking this approach, you can avoid the cost and hassle of migrating to a different financial solution and continue using the features in QuickBooks.

Transaction Pro Exporter Creates Robust Reports
When considering whether Transaction Pro can extend the useful life of QuickBooks, don’t overlook the possibility of using Transaction Pro Exporter to export data for use in other systems. Transaction Pro Exporter creates reports that are more robust and does it more quickly than QuickBooks Advanced Reporting. Examples include:

  • Automatic exports for subsequent use in warranty and reliable databases
  • Exporter used to implement EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in certain businesses

So, before you decide you have outgrown QuickBooks, it’s worth an examination to see how Transaction Pro can extend the useful life of QuickBooks in your business.