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Customer Success Story: Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories

The Company
Based in Cleveland, Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories has manufactured custom finished components for hot rods and custom cars for four decades. The company has about 20 employees.

The Problem
About five years ago, Tuff Stuff’s QuickBooks application crashed. The company had to completely repopulate it with information from Excel spreadsheets. The task seemed just about impossible.

The Solution
Transaction Pro enabled Tuff Stuff to easily import material from Excel into QuickBooks post-crash. The company has since expanded its use of Transaction Pro to include importing information for weekly production reports, as well as purchase orders, from Excel into QuickBooks.

Why Transaction Pro?
Stacy Mango, who works in accounts receivable at Tuff Stuff, explains: “QuickBooks does not have all the key elements that we need, so we import information so we can run weekly production reports for guys in the shop. Every month we see what we need to order. We don’t have to manually put all the purchase orders in, so it goes more quickly. We can also use Transaction Pro to import the order into QuickBooks if we get a large order from a customer.”

The Benefits
Tuff Stuff was able to recover quickly from the QuickBooks crash. Since then, Transaction Pro has helped the company fulfill orders more quickly. Tuff Stuff imports information into QuickBooks on a weekly basis. Without Transaction Pro, the importing process would take 3-4 hours of manual work. With Transaction Pro, it takes five minutes.