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Customer Success Story: RMSS

Challenge: Rocky Mountain Sire Services (RMSS) of Bennet, Colorado spent 50-60 hours per month manually transferring invoicing and payment data to its parent company that uses QuickBooks. The process was cumbersome and tedious, leaving RMSS unable to handle these tasks efficiently.

Solution:  RMSS contacted Transaction Pro Affiliate, Peak Advisers, to help simplify the time-consuming process. Peak Advisers created an automation solution that manipulates multiple raw data files into one file for simple upload. This automation solution uses Transaction Pro Importer to connect to the company’s QuickBooks accounting software and upload the data file that RMSS sends to their parent company. The entire process, which includes a tremendous amount of data, now takes just 60-90 minutes per month and allows RMSS to devote more time to focusing on building their business.