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Admin Portal for QuickBooks Online: Recent Updates

Transaction Pro continues to make improvements to our Online Admin Portal as we receive feedback from you. Based on this feedback, we recently added the following enhancements to the Admin Portal for QuickBooks Online:

  • search companies when adding company access for a user
  • search users when adding user access for a company
  • “select all” for either of the above with a single click
  • add a unique alpha-numeric Client ID to your company connections that will also appear on the monthly Usage Report.


Search Companies or Users

Now, when you are in either User Setup or Company Setup, you’ll see a search box. Enter as many letters as needed to find the specific user or company to add. This will be extremely helpful as your company and user lists grow.

It is also helpful to “add all” with one click. When you add companies to a user or users to a company, you will now see an “All Users” or “All Companies” option.

Remember, with all Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Online subscriptions, you can add an unlimited number of users. Also, you can have as many QuickBooks Online company connections under a single subscription as your subscription level allows. If you need more companies, you can upgrade anytime.


Client ID Option

To assist you will billing, we have added an alpha-numeric, 255-character field for each company connection in the Admin Portal. This unique Client ID is for you to use to identify each company connection. The Client ID will also show on the monthly Usage Report. To add the Client ID for a company connection, click on MANAGE COMPANY and add the Client ID on the Company Setup window and click SAVE.

If you have not viewed the Usage Report yet, please check it out. It is helpful to see which clients’ QuickBooks Online companies you’re connected to in a specific month. Inside the Admin Portal, you’ll see “Usage Report” on the left side. Select it for any month and run the report or export it as a CSV file.


Other Enhancements

As we continue to improve the Admin Portal, we also evaluate and improve Transaction Pro as well. Recently, you may have noticed that scheduled exports were no longer sending an email to notify you when the export was ready. This issue has been resolved. Scheduled exports will now email the user that created the scheduled export when the export is ready for download. The email will also contain a CSV attachment of the export.

We look forward to bringing you more updates like this in the future. To have your idea or enhancement considered for future releases, email support@transactionpro.com with ATTN FEEDBACK in the subject line.