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A Look Inside Transaction Pro’s Customer Support

In today’s modern technological world, the one-on-one Customer Service model that was the norm of years past seems to get lost in the concept that faster service is better service. Some people feel that having a computer answer a common question is faster than waiting for a live person to find the answer. This has become even more true in our current state of remote work.

At Transaction Pro, our goal is to provide in-depth product knowledge and quality customer service to every one of our customers. A computer doesn’t possess the ability to establish the one-on-one, long-term connection with you that we strive for. In order to reach this goal, we continually evaluate and expand our support offerings. In 2020, Transaction Pro made the following updates to our support channels:

  • Expanded monitoring of support tickets. Our email support hours are now 8am – 8pm (Eastern),  Monday – Friday. This allows us to service more time zones.
  • Added live chat from 12 – 4pm (Eastern), Monday – Friday. Our goal is to expand the hours of live chat as resources allow.
  • Added a status monitoring page at status.transactionpro.com to communicate outages and planned maintenance down time. Bookmark this page or subscribe via the blue button on this page to automatically receive emails whenever the status changes.


Why Don’t You Offer Live Phone Support?

We are often asked this question. Currently, we don’t offer live phone support for a variety of reasons, including availability of resources, time, and accountability.

Live phone support requires a dedicated team of product experts. Not offering this type of support helps us keep our overhead lower, which keeps our pricing down. In addition, email support can be a more effective use of time for our customers. Often, customer questions require testing to duplicate the issue or extensive research into the problem. Instead of waiting on hold for a response, our customers can continue their day with other tasks. Finally, every support ticket and live chat session is recorded in our support system, allowing us to access your previous questions and issues. Our support system is also available to you to see your previous issues and resolutions.

To access this information, click on Login in the upper right-hand corner of the Support page. If you have never created a login for the support page, you will need to create an account. This is a separate login from your Transaction Pro login. Once you log in, click Back to Tickets to see a full list of your previous support tickets since January 2019 as well as your live chat sessions if you provided an email address during the session.

Getting the Support You Need

The Transaction Pro Support Page offers customers access to a variety of helpful resources including our  Knowledge Base  and the Forum, which allows you to ask questions of your fellow Transaction Pro users. We’re also adding new YouTube videos and Knowledge Base articles on a regular basis. However, we need your help in this process.

Honest customer feedback is the best source of information for us to understand what you need. Take a few minutes to answer any customer satisfaction surveys you receive. We also encourage you to email support@transactionpro.com with any feedback or ideas you have about our products or services.  Help us to help you with quality products and quality customer service.