Rightworks Transaction Pro for QuickBooks® Desktop

Start saving time today by eliminating manual data entry.

Data mobility means data freedom

Rightworks Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Desktop is a suite of powerful tools for accounting firms and businesses. With our trusted data import and export tools, you can seamlessly combine QuickBooks company files and effortlessly handle data migration. Transaction Pro takes the heavy lifting with inventory data import, time clock data import and export, expense management and payroll integration into QuickBooks Desktop.

Maximize your efficiency by integrating Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Desktop with Rightworks OneSpace, granting you access to additional workflow management capabilities and unrivaled security.

Data mobility means data freedom

Importer for QuickBooks Desktop

Save time and eliminate data entry by easily importing transactions and lists from any Excel or CSV file. 

  • Save unlimited field maps per import type and share with users.
  • Match fields by name.
  • Set default values and use formulas when mapping.
  • Translate columns as data rows.
  • Cross-reference accounts, customers, jobs, vendors and items.
  • Check for existing accounts, customers, jobs, vendors and items pre-import.
Importer for QuickBooks Desktop

Exporter for QuickBooks Desktop

Export data from QuickBooks Desktop in a file format that allows you to use the data to analyze, use in reporting, import into other applications or migrate data to another QuickBooks company.

  • Select data columns and arrange column order before export.
  • Rename and sort column headers before export.
  • Save an unlimited number of maps for each export type.
  • Export transactions with or without detail lines.
  • Schedule export and add functionality with command lines.
Exporter for QuickBooks Desktop

Deleter for QuickBooks Desktop

Save time by performing batch deletions that can quickly remove incorrectly imported data or clean up a large QuickBooks company file.

  • Query by name or by date and sort by column.
  • Preview queried data before deletion.
  • Perform batch deletions.
  • Remove records from the query that should not be deleted.
  • Clean up QuickBooks company files easily.
Deleter for QuickBooks Desktop

“This product has been the biggest and best change we have made to our finance department. I’m not sure how any business could still be manually entering invoices, bills, sales receipts, etc., into QuickBooks when this product is available and affordable. It’s paid for itself within the first week. I only wish we had found it sooner!”

Stop wasting time and money with manual data entry

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