What's New in 01 Transaction Pro Import Wizard - Version 5.0 Released

You asked, we delivered. How did we make the most popular transaction import tool for QuickBooks even better?

Easy - we listened to our current users. Based on feedback received from our many happy users, we added a slew of new features to make the fastest and easiest way to get transactions into QuickBooks even better.

  • Payee alias matching. Now easily match up payees with saved aliases for Bank Statements, Bills, Checks, and Credit Card Charges
  • New Bank Transaction import type. Creates both checks and deposits from single import file
  • Import Quicken (QIF) or Microsoft Money (OFX) formats. Use with new Bank Statement import type to easily import checks and deposits
  • Fixed Asset List – Import and update
  • New option - Do not add new accounts
  • Support for Amazon.com date formats
  • Entirely new registration/activation system. Easily add/remove computer(s) right in Transaction Pro without transferring license or requesting a new license
  • QuickBooks 2015 compatibility
  • Windows 7/8 compatibility
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