What's New in 01 Transaction Pro Import Wizard - Version 3.0

You asked, we delivered. How did we make the most popular transaction import tool for QuickBooks even better?

Easy - we listened to our current users. Based on feedback received from our many happy users, we added a slew of new features to make the fastest and easiest way to get transactions into QuickBooks even better.

  • Connect to MS-Access or ODBC compliant databases like MS-SQL Server, mySQL and Oracle for your import file data
  • Ability to Zoom the data grids to fill the entire screen
  • QuickBooks 2009 US Multi-currency support (Non US versions support multi-currency as well)
  • New options to check for existing customers, vendors and items before import
  • Improved handling of errors returned from QuickBooks. For example, when adding a new customer and that customer already exists as a vendor, TPI 3.0 now adds a suffix to the new customer so it can be saved.
  • Improved transaction log reporting. Outputs from all imports can be sent to log window that can be saved to Excel when this option is set
  • Increased validation speed before sending transactions to QuickBooks
  • Enhanced data dictionary for QuickBooks field lengths and types (fields.tpi)

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