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Importing Orders From Marketplaces

If you sell products on Amazon, eBay, Esty, or your own website and need a way to track orders and inventory, Transaction Pro for QuickBooks can help increase your efficiency and minimize your time by importing your orders.

Import Orders into QuickBooks
With Transaction Pro Importer, you can import orders into QuickBooks and know exactly which products and quantities to ship plus shipping information. If you use QuickBooks Desktop, you can import this information either as a Sales Order or as an Invoice; however, Sales Order lets you track orders not shipped and remaining orders to be shipped by converting to an Invoice once completed. Currently, QuickBooks Online does not have a Sales Order option; however, as a workaround, you can import an Invoice and use a QuickBooks Online custom field on the Invoice to represent the ship date and then manually update the ship date once the order has been completed and shipped.

Cross-Referencing Items
Transaction Pro Importer also allows you to track inventory quantities and gives you the flexibility to cross reference items so that you can have your items named differently in QuickBooks versus your marketplace.

If you use QuickBooks Desktop, Transaction Pro can use any custom field for your Items as the cross-reference option. If you use QuickBooks Online, Transaction Pro uses the SKU field from the Product and Services setup. You must select the option in Transaction Pro prior to importing and then map the Item field to the field that contains the cross-referenced name. Keep in mind this is an all-or-none option, which means you must either import all cross-referenced names or none; you cannot mix the two.

More Information
You can find more information on Transaction Pro’s cross-reference Item option in the following videos:
Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Online Option – Cross Reference Product/Service
Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Desktop Option – Cross Reference Item Name

We continue to add new articles to our Knowledge Base every month, including articles about specific marketplaces. If you have questions about importing your order data, reach out to Transaction Pro Support at support@transactionpro.com.