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Special Feature with Command Line Codes

There are many features that can be unlocked with the use of Command Line codes. This gives Transaction Pro additional features and functionality that you may not know is available.

All the unique command line switches are available here. You can use more than one switch when using the command line codes.

Sometimes we get files that look like this where all the expense amounts are all in one row, but we want to post them to different accounts.

In this blog post, I will demonstrate the /BILLCOLROW to turn the file above into a 5-line import.

To access this feature, right-click on the Transaction Pro Icon and select Properties.

Add the switch /BILLCOLROW to the highlighted area below.

You will see that we now have many columns of data that we can map as rows.

Here is the end result of the import.

Command lines can also be used to automate an import in a batch script. These batch scripts can be added to the Windows Task Scheduler to be executed at a specific time every day.

We encourage everyone to review these command line switches. They come in very handy when you receive unique data files.

Transaction Pro Expert Dan Mason