Transaction Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of QuickBooks are compatible with Transaction Pro?

QuickBooks Desktop: Version 8.0 of Transaction Pro works with QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier 2007 - 2020 versions and QuickBooks Enterprise 2.0 - 20.0 versions.

QuickBooks Online: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, Advanced

Will Transaction Pro support my non-US version of QuickBooks?

Yes, Transaction Pro works with all country versions of QuickBooks.

For Transaction Pro Online, can I use one account to access multiple QuickBooks OnlineĀ company files?

No, the ratio of QuickBooks company file to Transaction Pro account must be 1:1.

For Transaction Pro Desktop, can I access multiple company files with one account?

Yes, one license of Transaction Pro Desktop will connect to an unlimited number of company files.

What are the acceptable file formats for Transaction Pro Desktop?

Excel files, CSVĀ files, TXT files, Quicken Files (.qif), Microsoft Money Files (.ofx), Microsoft Access Databases (.mdb), ODBC compliant databases such as SQL.

What are the acceptable file formats for Transaction Pro Online?

Excel files and CSV files

Where can I find the type of transactions/lists that can be imported through Transaction Pro?

Please access the links below for the supported transaction and list types for each product:

Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Online Data Dictionary

Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Desktop Data Dictionary

Are Transaction Pro Desktop products compatible with a server environment?

Yes, all Transaction Pro Desktop products can be installed and will function in a server environment. See HERE for more information.

For more information on Transaction Pro, please visit our Knowledge Base or contact our support team at support.transactionpro.com