Value Added Service

QuickBooks is a very versatile program and can be configured in many ways. Across nearly 20 years of working with QuickBooks, and several thousands of customers, VARC Solutions has been asked to configure new QuickBooks files in many different ways. After the users have worked with the program for a period of time, they determine that they want things configured in a different manner. A recent instance of this occurring was when VARC Solutions was asked to configure a QuickBooks file that had several thousand “Ship To Addresses” and the client now wanted to be able to track all of these as separate jobs and not just as Ship To Addresses. Upon doing just an export of the sales from QuickBooks, all of the data was not in the fields that were available to be exported from the QuickBooks file. Due to the data entry being able to be fluid since it is entered by the user, sometime line two was an attention to field and sometimes it was a warehouse name.

Problem Solved

VARC Solutions looked to Transaction Pro Importer as a possible problem solver. We have used TPI for years, both in house, as well as with helping our clients take data from multiple sources and successfully importing and exporting data from one file to another, no matter the file size. We looked exactly where we needed to because Transaction Pro Importer was able to import our client’s shipping addresses separately as jobs. Each of the customers, along with the Ship To Address, had to be exported then the data was manipulated a bit to clear up data entry issues and then formatted back to where it could be imported into QuickBooks. The Customers were set up and the Ship To Addresses were names (Job Name). The invoices, along with their corresponding payments, were then imported back into a new QuickBooks file.

Company Impact

We have many desktop clients using third party software that does not talk with QuickBooks. The most successful change for VARC has been the ability to carve out a niche using TPI. We have started working with the Ticket Broker industry. They use a POS system that is so industry-specific that QuickBooks POS is not an option, but they need to get their sales, payments, and bills from the POS system into QuickBooks. We worked with the developer of the main software that ticket brokers use and together we developed the export reports needed to get financial information out of their system, then we use TPI to get it imported into QuickBooks. Since we knew that TPI was the middleware solutions, the export file is formatted exactly the way that TPI reads each field header. When we started this process, we did not know that it would turn into a niche market for us, but one by one other ticket brokers heard about this solution and the calls started flooding in. The manufacturer of the ticket software contacted us and wanted to pitch the solution when they sell their system so that they have the QuickBooks “fix” without their new client having to search for it.