Value Added Service

We work with clients to understand the issues they are facing within their business and then help identify the solutions that will help them get meaningful information out of the system with the minimum amount of work necessary. While QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online can be “easy to use” it is important that you know what you are doing to make sure you have transactions that make sense.

Whether the need is getting data into QuickBooks, changing it or deleting it we can help with setting up templates and processes as well as providing training to make sure everything works smoothly.

For short term needs, we can do the work for you to get the database cleaned up or to get data imported. For longer term, ongoing needs, we provide training to enable the firm to do the work needed and we can provide guidance and assistance when needed.

Problem Solved

We work with legal and professional services firms. While many products in this market “link” to QuickBooks or QBO, they don’t always send over the data in the way desired. In these situations we can setup exports out of the software and imports into QuickBooks or QBO that meet the firms specific needs. Similarly we have seen firms that have brought in data that should not have been brought in or have data files that are a mess. We can help with clean up by deleting, reorganizing or starting a new file. We help identify the best solution and then implement the decision to get the firm running smoothly. Sometimes firms realize they are using a solution that is just not right for them and need to change. In that case we can help the firm get data into QuickBooks so that they can move forward. One example of this is a client that was using Quicken. They needed better reporting, especially for trust accounting. While there is a conversion utility we needed fields rearranged so that the customer field in QuickBooks could be used for trust reporting. We were able to export data from Quicken and, with a little help from Excel and the use of Transaction Pro Importer, import the data into QuickBooks.

Company Impact

Transaction Pro importer has helped me with several problems. First is the ongoing need to get data from another system into QuickBooks. Since QuickBooks is limited in the ability to import transactions my clients are faced with either manually inputting the data or finding an outside solution. Manual input is tedious and more likely to lead to errors. Transaction Pro importer allows us to automate the import and get it right quickly and easily. The second situation where I have used Transaction Pro Importer is converting a client from another program to QuickBooks desktop or QBO. The clients wanted historical data and we were able to export the data from the other program and quickly import it into QuickBooks. This gave the client the data they wanted for reporting without hours of manual processing. The third situation where I have used Transaction Pro deleter was a client who had accidentally created a mess in QBO when creating a link to another software program. They had a large number of items that needed to be removed. What would have taken hours, was quickly handled with Transaction Pro deleter.