The Challenge

M-I-C was started January 1, 2014. Since the size of the company didn’t justify any large scale accounting department, I assumed the responsibilities. I personally had experience with QuickBooks in a previous job. M-I-C had experience in our past lives with a CRM called Selltis. We use this CRM to develop all our quotations to our customers. The problem I faced was to transfer the quotes to an invoice in QuickBooks. Fortunately, my QuickBooks contact, Richard Pace, knew of Transaction Pro.

The Solution

Transaction Pro was developed (or mapped) to match my QuickBooks invoices. I simply added a function button in Selltis to send to QuickBooks. This automatically sent this contact info (quote) through the Transaction Pro to QuickBooks.

Company Impact

This whole process has allowed me to easily move my information from a quote / estimate stage directly to an invoice very quickly, easily and efficiently. I guess most importantly accurately. Very pleased with overall use of the Transaction Pro application / program.