The Challenge

We help clients set up shipments through truckloads and intermodal carries. We are a small business and process 200-350 transactions per week including invoices and bill payments. For every transaction there is an invoice to the customer and a payment to the vendor, basically 600 entries per week. That was very time consuming.

The Solution

In order for us to grow we needed to streamline that. We reached out and got signed up, learned how to import and have been doing the import for about a year. We are able to process everything in 30 minutes vs. 2-3 days.

Company Impact

When you have a manual process, you have to have a person there doing the work, if that person calls in sick it delays you a day. Transaction Pro is a way to make the process more efficient. I started this company in 2005. I’m the owner and handle all the accounting. We are a growing company and Transaction Pro is allowing us to grow without having that bottleneck of manual entry. It’s just an import process. Doesn’t matter if 300 or 3,000 – we know we can grow with the tool.