The Challenge

As an all-volunteer nonprofit we have very limited time to spend on administrative activities. Manually entering donations into QuickBooks each month was tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming, especially as we grew. We needed a way to take the information captured in our online database and transfer it with complete data integrity into QuickBooks.

The Solution

We use Transaction Pro Importer to automate and mistake-proof the process of transferring donation information from our online CRM to our accounting system. A simple export from the CRM, which we set-up as a saved report, create the import file, which we then process with Transaction Pro Importer to load and map the information into QuickBooks.

Company Impact

Using Transaction Pro Importer has reduced a task that used to take us 3-4 hours to a 15 minute exercise. And eliminated keying errors or mis-entered records! As an all-volunteer nonprofit, those saved hours give us more time to plan our hikes and walks and to focus on our mission of alleviating the suffering associated with mental illness while conserving wilderness trails.