Value Added Service

We work with clients to determine the way Transaction Pro can best meet their needs. The services we provide to clients include, but is not limited to, 1) setting up templates to allow for easy and efficient import 2) reduce conversion time from other softwares 3) mass updating or importing additional list information. With templates we’ve created for many transaction types we train clients on using the software to perform functions that occur on a regular basis. One client uses the template to import sales from their restaurant POS on a daily basis, reducing their input time to just a few minutes.

Problem Solved

We work with a range of clients to determine the solution that works best for them. We have set up templates that allow our clients to easily code and import a large quantity of transactions with as little repeat entry possible.This has been a success with our legal clients. They are able to download credit card transactions and paste onto an excel tab. From their the document can be shared to be coded with the correct information and quickly imported into QB. This saves them valuable time and eliminates double, sometimes triple, entry. We have also worked with clients to import inventory adjustments that include 50,000 plus inventory items. Using Transaction Pro Importer we were able to create a brand new QuickBooks file for a client in one weekend which included multiple lists, cutoff balances, and inventory.

Company Impact

Transaction Pro has had a tremendous impact on our company. It allows us to perform QuickBooks file conversions and rebuilds in half the time. This has allowed us to expand and focus our energy on providing clients with timely and accurate information