The Challenge

Accelebrate delivers more than 700 different classes privately in-person and online for corporations, government agencies, and universities. We are constantly adding and removing classes, and maintain separate corporate and government pricing. Originally, our controller had to manually enter all these classes as items (with separate sub-items for corporate, government, customized classes, etc.) and it was incredibly tedious. It was also redundant, as this information is already in our in-house written engagement management system.

The Solution

It only took us 2 hours to write some programming to export data about our classes from our in-house engagement management system to a comma-delimited file that Transaction Pro Importer could read. Configuring Transaction Pro Importer to properly import this data into QuickBooks took just 20 minutes and voila, we could import new classes, remove old classes, and update classes with new pricing at the press of a button in Transaction Pro Importer.

Company Impact

The time saving has been unbelievable! Previously, adding 50 new classes to QuickBooks took our controller about 6 hours. Now, she downloads a CSV from our internal system and imports it into QuickBooks using TransactionPro Importer in less than 10 minutes. Syncing price changes between our internal system and QuickBooks is especially fantastic. Previously, we would always miss a few entries and so our internal systems and QuickBooks would have a few classes for which pricing was out of sync. Thanks to Transaction Pro Importer, that problem is history!