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Using Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online with Veterinary Practices

Okay I will admit it I am a big sucker for anything related to my favorite office mate, my Cocker Spaniel, Teddy.  You can see where he likes to hang out while I am working below.

Office mate, Teddy

So when I saw a video on YouTube from Rocsy Bailey, a certified, virtual bookkeeper, on how she uses Transaction Pro Importer to import data from IDEXX Neo, a veterinary practice management software, I was hooked.  Then I watched the video and Rocsy has a creative workaround (read more below).

You should watch the whole video it has a ton of great information but here are some high level points.

  • Rocsy has not found any veterinary software that is linked to any accounting software so these business owners and their accountants have to print reports and manually enter the data.
  • You can use Transaction Pro Importer in conjunction with the QuickBooks Online bank feeds via the use of a wash account. This is a great workaround!
  • You can use the bank statement import type in Transaction Pro Importer to easily import the data to QuickBooks Online.
  • Transaction Pro Importer has great troubleshooting tools to identify issues with the data in your import file such as typos in general ledger account names.
  • Transaction Pro Importer is so worth it for all the time that is saves.

So I hope this has you all thinking of ways that you can eliminate manual data entry into QuickBooks Online. Also be sure to check out Rocsy’s website, Veterinary Bookkeeping Solutions, for her tip of the month video and blog articles.

Rocsy Bailey

Rocsy Bailey is a certified, virtual bookkeeper that works exclusively with veterinary practices. Rocsy will provide you will up to date financial information on your practice so you can make important business decisions.  This will also allow you to focus on your passion – the care of your animals. You can find Rocsy helping her veterinary clients or hanging with here 3 Black Labs named Ruth, Annabelle and Norah and a Boxer/Hound mix named Elvis. You can also contact Rocsy through her website at Veterinary Bookkeeping Solutions.