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QBO Tips to Work More Efficiently in QuickBooks Online

The following QBO tips might be useful to you while navigating Transaction Pro for QuickBooks Online (QBO):

Using Keyboard Shortcuts in QuickBooks Online

There are many shortcuts that can be used while working in a form in QBO. For instance, if you type the letter M in a date field, QBO will populate this field with the first day of the Month. You can also use calculations in amount and rate fields. You can download a PDF that contains a list of these shortcuts HERE.

There are even more shortcuts available to navigate to certain pages within QBO. To find all keyboard shortcuts available on a Windows machine, select CTRL+ALT+? (question mark key) on your keyboard from any screen inside a QBO company. If you are operating on a Mac, use COMMAND+ALT+? (question mark key).

Setting Bookmarks for QuickBooks Online Pages

You can also use browser bookmarks in lieu of keyboard shortcuts. If you access certain pages in QBO frequently, you can add them as a bookmark in your web browser. For example, if you want to add a bookmark for the Chart of Accounts to Google Chrome, navigate to the Chart of Accounts in QBO and select the star icon at the extreme right of the URL box. Then the next time that you need to access the Chart of Accounts list, you can simply select your bookmark to take you straight to it.