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Integration of Third Party App Data into QBO or QB Desktop using Transaction Pro Importer

Third party apps just love to claim that they can integrate directly into Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and Desktop products and many do an excellent job doing so.  However, we have found that others either miss the mark in the integration options you have to work with or they simply don’t have any sort of integration options at all.  If you have some portion of your accounting based business data generated outside of your QuickBooks product, then the Transaction Pro Importer is the tool you need to end double data entry.  Whether it be list data (i.e. items, customers, vendors) or transactional data (ie estimates, invoices, timesheets, payroll postings), if the outside third-party tool can get you the data in a csv file, then you can get it into QuickBooks.  All that is required is a bit of one time Excel mapping to get the csv columns to line up with the required import fields needed by Transaction Pro Importer (TPI) to publish to QuickBooks.

Below we have outlined three real world case studies of using Transaction Pro Importer to integrate data into QuickBooks products.

CASE STUDY 1 – A cable manufacturing company had been selling their products through a homegrown shopping cart on their website.  There was no built in integration to transfer the historical orders into QuickBooks Online (QBO).  They were able to pull a csv file from their system and we used that to set up a master mapping file that added in all the additional fields needed to then import the orders as Sales Receipts into QBO using Transaction Pro Importer.  Once made, the template could then be used each week (or even daily if desired) to bring in the latest orders.  Note that you will need to be sure you have a way to flag if any orders are changed or cancelled in the source of the data to be sure that can be captured into QBO.  Additionally, in this type of Sales Receipt transaction capture, you will also need to develop a strategy to reconcile the related payments of the orders as they flow to the bank.

CASE STUDY 2 – A professional services company on QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) uses an outside payroll company, which integrates payroll journal entry postings into QuickBooks Online, but not QBDT.  They wanted a way to post their weekly payroll journal into QBDT using the csv export file they could pull from the payroll reports.  We set up a template excel file containing all the required fields for a Journal Entry, which allowed them to simply copy and paste the csv data into a “source” tab.  Then the template “import” tab would populate the relevant data and they would simply import the Journal Entry into QBDT using Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Desktop.

CASE STUDY 3 – A construction company has been using a complex spreadsheet that they have dialed in to meet all of their estimating needs.  They are very happy with what they spreadsheet can do for them, but dread the day the client signs off and now they have to enter all those estimate line items into QuickBooks Enterprise.  We were able to add an additional tab to their estimate template which pulled the relevant data needed to then import the estimate into QuickBooks Enterprise using Transaction Pro Importer.  Their days of manual entry (and human error) are over!

Let us help you see how Transaction Pro tools can help streamline your company’s workflow!

Jen Fery and the SVAS team


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