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Ten QuickBooks Advanced Export Options

Data ExchangeEver have a need to get certain data out of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise in a specified format?  Check out our Transaction Pro Exporter for QuickBooks which is a quick and easy way to customized your data exports from QuickBooks.  Below are ten advanced options available with Transaction Pro Exporter for QuickBooks.

Below are some screen shots with the ten options high-lighted.

Transaction Pro Exporter

Transaction Pro Exporter Mapping screen

Option 1:  Reports!  Not only can you export virtually all transactions and lists that exist in QuickBooks but you can also export the following reports:

  • Journal Report
  • Payroll Detail Report
  • Transaction Detail Report

Option 2:  Date or RefNumber Ranges.  You can either chose to export transactions or reports based upon a date or a RefNumber Range.

Option 3:  Filter by QuickBooks List Items.  In addition to defining a date or a refnumber range you can also further refine the export by setting filters for the following list items:

  • Accounts
  • Classes
  • Items
  • Names:  Customer, Employee, Vendor or Other Name

Option 4:  Further refine the date range.  Transaction Pro Exporter also allows you to further refine the exports by pulling transactions by the date modified or just exporting any transactions since the last export.

Option 5:  Export all the detail or just the header info.  If you do not wish to show all the line item details on a transaction you can select a box to Suppress Transaction Lines.

Option 6:  Filter by Paid/Unpaid Status.  For invoices and bills you can retrieve paid or unpaid transactions as of the current date.

Option 7:  Define and save unlimited custom maps for each export type.  You can easily create maps to accomplish:

  • Columns of data to be exported
  • Field Label
  • Field Order

Option 8:  User defined fields. Can add up to an additional 100 user defined fields using our command line parameters.

Option 9:  Additional options available via our extended command line options.  Some command line options include:

  • Show customer message on sales transactions
  • Show customer email address on sales transactions
  • Expand out the detail of the group items
  • Show the QuickBooks Template Name

Option 10:  Automate the export.  Read more on our knowledge base.

So we think you would be hard pressed to find a more powerful and flexible QuickBooks export tool.  If you do not already have a copy of Transaction Pro Exporter you can request a free trial here.