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QuickBooks Reports That Can Be Exported Using Transaction Pro Exporter

Our Transaction Pro Exporter for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enteprise primarily exports list and transactions out of QuickBooks. Over the years we have added some reports that you can export from QuickBooks.  Below is a listing of all the reports and why you might want to use some of these reports.

Journal Report

This report provides all the debits and credits behind any transaction in QuickBooks. This report shows the raw data without any formatting so it is helpful to those that need to import this data to another software.

Journal Report

Invoice with Payments

The invoice with payments reports shows invoices along with their payments and their payment dates. This can be helpful for those companies that only pay a commission once the invoice has been paid.

invoices with payments

Payroll Detail Report

Unfortunately Intuit has not opened up the payroll module to developers. The one report that we can export is the payroll detail report which shows the gross amount with any deductions. This report is helpful for those that need to import the payroll detail to another QuickBooks company file or another application.

payroll detail report

Transaction Detail Report

You can run this report in QuickBooks but if you have split lines on your transaction in the account column it just shows the word split which makes the report useless. Businesses will use this report if they need to do detailed analysis of all their accounts in one report.

Transaction Detail Report

If you do not own a license of Transaction Pro Exporter and want to test this out you can request a free trial of our software. Any comments or questions please post them below.