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QuickBooks Online Imports – Helpful Navigation Tips

We have an App called the Transaction Pro Importer available on the Intuit App Center which will allow you to easily import lists and transactions from Excel or csv files to QuickBooks Online.  Here are some common navigation tips and tricks to help get you started.

Tip 1:  How do I access Transaction Pro Importer?

If you are the Admin of the Transaction Pro Importer App (eg the one that provided the credit card and who has the ability to add additional users) you can select the Apps tile right in the bottom left of QuickBooks Online and select My Apps and  select launch.  Please note that for security reasons the tokens that Intuit provides to Apps have expiration dates so do not be alarmed if you do not see the Transaction Pro Importer App here as you can easily reconnect the App to your QuickBooks Online company file at  our website by logging in with your Intuit credentials and then select the Connect to QuickBooks button in the upper right.

Apps within QuickBooks Online

If you are a Participant User you will need to access the Transaction Pro Importer on our website.

Tip 2:  How do I know which transactions were imported?

The fastest way to review the most recent transactions imported it looking for the clock in the upper middle of the QuickBooks Online screen.  Once you select the clock you will see the most recent transactions posted.

Recent Transactions in QuickBooks Online





Tip 3:  How do I properly format accounts?

Transaction Pro Importer supports either account numbers or account names.  For the account in the screen shot below you have two options of what to include in your import file:

Option 1:  Use Account Numbers.  Your import file should contain the lowest sub account number only which in this example is 1120.  You also need to select the options button within Transaction Pro Importer and select the option:  Enable account numbers.

Option 2:  Use Account Names.  You will need to provide both the account and sub account separated by a colon.  In this example you would need to provide the following in your import file:  Money Market:Money Market sub.

To access the screen below in QuickBooks Online go to the gear icon in QuickBooks Online and select chart of accounts.  Select the down arrow at the right hand side of the screen and select Edit.

Accounts in QuickBooks Online













Tip 4:  What if I need an additional field to import to?

On sales transactions in QuickBooks Online you can elect to add additional fields.  To turn this option on go to the gear icon in QuickBooks Online.  Then select company settings and under Sales select Custom Fields.  Intuit has a great article all about custom fields on their knowledge base.  Once these are added and the boxes are checked these fields will appear at the bottom of the Transaction Pro Importer mapping screen.

Custom Fields Preference in QuickBooks Online









Tip 5:  What is the Sales Tax Rate?

We have another blog article on importing sales tax here.  If you need to view all your sales tax rates in QuickBooks Online select Sales Tax on the left hand pane of QuickBooks Online.  Then on the right select the link:  Add/edit tax rates and agencies.  You will see the Tax Rates in the Tax Rate Name column.

Tax Rate Table in QuickBooks Online







Tip 6:  How do I find my QuickBooks Online company id?

When contacting our support team so we can be sure that we are taking a look at the correct company we will ask you for your QuickBooks Online company id.  This is a series of numbers that you can find within QuickBooks Online by selecting the gear icon and then select the link Your Account.

Company ID in QuickBooks Online







Tip 7:  How do I change my email address?

When logged into our App you will see the email address that is associated with your Intuit Account in the upper right hand corner.  Please note that depending on how you set up your Intuit account your login name may be different than your email.  If you need to change this email address in QuickBooks Online go to the gear icon and select your account.  Select personal on the left hand side and then scroll down until you see the Sign In Info section and select the button next to change Email Address.

I hope this was helpful.  If you have any other helpful tips that you use we would love to hear from your in the comments below.