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QuickBooks Online Imports: Do not auto create accounts, classes, customers, items, locations or vendors

Exciting New Feature Added to Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online!

Many of you have asked to have the ability to control whether or not the following list items are auto-created on transactional imports to QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro Importer:

  • Accounts
  • Classes
  • Customer
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Vendors

Please note this new option is only available in our latest Transaction Pro Importer App.  If you would like to test this out be sure you are accessing the latest App here.  Please note you can use both the legacy and the newer App at no additional charge.  You can also go back and forth between the two Apps and any mappings that you have saved will be retained.

Below is a run though of how this work work with checks but this is also available on all other transactional imports to QuickBooks.  Below is a small sample of my check import file.  I want new vendors to be created but I do not want new accounts or classes to be created.

Sample QuickBooks Online Check Import File

After you have uploaded the import file, selected a sheet and created the mapping then on the Preview and Import screen select the COG or Wheel in the upper right hand corner to access all the Transaction Pro Importer options.

Preview and Import Screen in Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online

So for this check import we will be selecting options to not automatically create accounts or classes. Select the options below and select save changes.

Transaction Pro Importer Options Screen

Then you will go the Transaction to Import tab and then select import at the bottom right.  After import in the example below the import file had a typo for the ExpenseAccount on the second line and the ExpenseClass on the first line.  So in this example I can just click on the cells and modify the data and then reimport.

Import Errors using Transaction Pro Importer

Or for other imports if I want Transaction Pro Importer to add the new list items I can indicate all or which ones on the Import missing entities tab.  Please note the screen shot below only shows accounts but all the list items have their own section.

How to Import Missing Entities to QuickBooks Online

Some tips on how to format your list items in your Import File are below.

  • If there is a parent and a child include both the parent and the child separated by a colon in your import file (eg Customer:Job for instance).
  • If you are using Accounts in your import file if you are using account numbers be sure to select the Transaction Pro Importer Option:  Enable account numbers….

We are excited to add this new option and we hope you will go and try it out here.  If you have any feedback feel free to post it below or you can email our support team at support@transactionpro.com.