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QuickBooks Online Features, Tips and Tricks Learned at QuickBooks Online Certification Training

QuickBooks Online work from Anywhere!

In order to provide high quality support to our QuickBooks Online customers we continue to update our QuickBooks Online Certification annually.  Intuit provides live sessions and webinars to accounting professionals at no charge.  This year I attended the certification in June 2016 in the Boston, Massachusetts area and completed my 2016 certification the same day.

The live sessions were presented by Stacy Kildal and Heather Satterly, members of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network, and they also provide accounting and consulting to both small business and accountants.  I know many of us really appreciate this as they use the QuickBooks Online product and Apps every day so they understand how actual users might use QuickBooks Online.  Also if you need any QuickBooks Online consulting or help I highly recommend both Stacy and Heather.

Every single year I attend these live sessions I always learn a lot of great things about the QuickBooks Online product as well as tips and tricks to more easily navigate the software so I would like to share what I learned and what I am currently excited about in the QuickBooks Online product.

Other QuickBooks Online Apps

1.  QuickBooks Online Apps are available for both Windows and Mac which allows you to run QuickBooks right from your desktop.

2.  QuickBooks Online Payroll App allows you to process payroll from your mobile device.

QuickBooks Online Awesome Features

3.  Your QuickBooks Online Desktop data can be converted to QuickBooks Online with Intuit’s built in tools.  Also change is hard for any business so read some of Heather’s great tips on how to move to the Cloud on Intuit’s Accountant’s Blog.

4.  Bank Feeds are awesome.  What is happening is that your bank transactions are brought into QuickBooks Online daily so your numbers are always up to date.  It also seems like every month new features are being added in this area.  As you know we at Transaction Pro Importer are all about eliminating data entry!

5.  Classes and Locations tracking are available in QuickBooks Online. whereas QuickBooks Desktop only has a Class field.  Imagine you are an Auto Parts Dealer and had multiple stores you could use both of the two fields to not only track activity by store but then track by manufacturer.

6.  QuickBooks Online has delayed charges which allows you to accumulate services throughout the month and then invoices your customer once a month.  This eliminates confusion of sending multiple invoices.

7.  Easily email out your invoices to your clients right within QuickBooks Online and your clients just click on a button to view the invoices and make payment.  There is no login to remember!

8.  Interactive messaging is available right on the invoice form in QuickBooks Online.  You can see when the client opened up the invoice and any correspondence you have had regarding the invoice right within QuickBooks Online.

Browser Tips

9.  Easily work in multiple tax and windows in Google Chrome by using the duplicate feature.  Read more on 5 Minute Bookkeeping’s website.

10.  Number 9 will work if this is all for the same QuickBooks Online company.  However, if you have multiple QuickBooks Online companies you can set up multiple Chrome users.

11.  Easily bookmark pages frequently visited in QuickBooks Online to save time.  Read more here.  You can also easily create a QuickBooks Online folder on the Chrome Bookmark bar and then export these bookmarks so they can be used by everyone else that uses QuickBooks Online at your company.

Finally Most Important

12.  If you have any feedback on anything within QuickBooks Online you can provide it right while you are logged into QuickBooks Online.  Read more here.  Be sure to be as specific as you can and include screen shots.  Intuit wants to hear your feedback.

So what has you excited about QuickBooks Online we would love to hear from you just post a comment below.