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Online shopping

Many business use online shopping carts such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal etc. to sell their products and services. All of these shopping cart providers will provide an Excel or csv file download that will contain the details of the items sold. You can take this file and easily import the transactions into QuickBooks Online as either invoices or sales receipts using Transaction Pro Importer.

Often times these orders will include additional components such as discounts, sales tax and shipping charges. Transaction Pro Importer has fields for these components on the mapping screen so you can easily map them. Below we will provide a description of the fields and the allowable values.

Discount Fields


If your import file contains a dollar amount of the discount, then map this column to the QuickBooks field, DiscountAmt.


If your import file contains a percentage for the discount map this column to the QuickBooks field, DiscountRate. If the discount is 2% include the value of 2 in your import file.

Discount Taxable

If the discount is taxable any of the values can be used: 1, y, yes or true. If the discount is not taxable any of the values can be used -1, n, no or false.

If no value is provided in your import file then a value of N will be used.

Sales Tax Fields

We have provided a detailed article on how to import sales tax here.

Shipping Fields


Map the column that contains the dollar amount of the shipping charge to this column.


If you do not provide any values then QuickBooks Online will use the default shipping item. If you provide an item name then this item name will be used on the body of the invoice.

Other Considerations

For all the components above the total amount of the shipping, sales tax or discount for the entire order needs to be repeated on each line of the order.

If you do not have a column for one of these fields above consider using a default value which will be used on every line in the import file.

We hope this helps if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments below.