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QuickBooks Imports: How to let QuickBooks Auto-Assign Transaction Numbers

If you are a user of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise and are looking to import transactional data such as credit memos, estimates, invoices, journal entries, purchase orders, sales orders or sales receipts to QuickBooks but want to retain the QuickBooks numbering scheme currently in place Transaction Pro Importer has this option available for you.

To turn on this option select the options button on the first screen of Transaction Pro Importer and select the option highlighted below on the Basic tab and select save.

QuickBooks Auto-Assign Option

A common question that we receive on this option is I select the option to let QuickBooks auto-assign transaction numbers then why is the RefNumber field still a required field.  The reason why this field is still required is that the value mapped to the QuickBooks field, RefNumber, on the Transaction Pro Importer mapping screen is what tells Transaction Pro Importer how to group multiple lines onto the same transaction.  If you select the Transaction Pro Importer option to let QuickBooks auto-assign transaction numbers this value is still needed for internal grouping purposes.  You can read more about multi-lined transactions here.

If you are not a current owner of Transaction Pro Importer you can request a free trial of the software here.  Any questions or comments please post them below.