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Partner Spotlight: Kemper Technology Consulting

We recently had a request from a client with a large data file looking to fix an issue with transactions in their QuickBooks Desktop file.  They found us from the Transaction Pro Partner network site and had emailed us a request as to if we could help them create a new QB file to fix a data problem.

The client is a dental lab that has a custom billing application that sends transactions over to their QB file.   They had been using it for a while and found errors in how certain transactions were being imported.  The Client had identified that the third-party program (non Intuit certified) had been bringing in Credit notes transactions incorrectly. Certain fields were empty while others had incorrect data.  There were multiple months of transactions that had been imported.   By using Transaction Pro Exporter, we were able to export the Credit Memos only, and make the necessary correction to the data. We then used Transaction Pro Deleter, to remove the existing Credit notes, then import the corrected data back into the QuickBooks file using Transaction Pro Importer.  On the import side, the ability to create a Mapping table to populate missing fields with default data really saved us time and allowed us flexibility to change large amount of transactions accurately and quickly!  Saved the client hours and hours of re-keying data!

Kemper Technology Consulting is a QuickBooks Diamond Reseller, part of Kemper CPA Group, serving clients coast to coast,  and has a team of QuickBooks Pro advisors who have been selling and implementing QuickBooks Accounting systems since , well, a long, long time ago.  But don’t call me old, just well-seasoned.