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Ledgersync and Transaction Pro Importer – Working Hand In Hand!

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Please take a look at the great guest blog post from Maurice Berdugo of Ledgersync which solves a common pain point of getting financial PDF data from financial institutions into QuickBooks Desktop – Pro, Premier and Enterprise Editions.  Read more below on how to alleviate data entry!

Often we are asked- How can I get my historical bank/credit card data published into Quickbooks without having to use a complex PDF converter? Is there a tool that can make transaction import to QuickBooks super easy?

Tying two software systems together is never an easy task, however when successful, it makes a world of difference!

First, what is Ledgersync?
LedgerSync (www.ledgersync.com) is a utility product that aggregates financial data from hundreds of bank/credit web sites into one central location. The way it works is similar to QuickBooks in which you select a bank/credit card company and enter the online credentials securely to Ledgersync. The software will then connect to the bank/credit card web site and extract the following information:

* Bank Transactions

* Check Images

* Statements

Why use Ledgersync and Transaction Pro Importer together?

Think of Ledgersync as the data aggregator and Transaction Pro as the software to get the data into QuickBooks!

When using Ledgersync and Transaction Pro Importer together you can merge the benefits of both complimentary software together.

  1. With Ledgersync You can go back and retrieve statements/transactions/check images as far back as the bank/credit card web site allows (for an additional fee). No need for PDF converters!
  2. Check images and Statements are downloaded for you in one central location. Remember banks only hold check images and statements on their web site for a limited time.
  3. Transaction Pro Importer enables you to take the formatted Excel transactions and import the data easily into QuickBooks.
  4. Transaction Pro Importer has edit/logic checks prior to importing the data into QuickBooks. For example, Transaction Pro Importer will check for duplicate data.
  5. Both companies offer extensive technical support.
  6. Transaction Pro Importer and Ledgersync are super affordable!

Ledgersync and Transaction Pro Importer- Easy to Follow Steps:

  1. Start off with signing up with Ledgersync
  2. Add the bank/credit card to Ledgersync- Link to our short YouTube Video
  3. Export the transactions to Excel
  4. Import the Transaction Excel file into Transaction Pro Importer
  5. Follow the Transaction Pro Import Wizard steps


Ledgersync and Transaction Pro Importer both offer trial periods- so what do you have to lose?

TRY LEDGERSYNC FREE FOR 14 DAYS AT https://ledgersync.com/

Sign up for a free trial of Transaction Pro Importer here.

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Maurice Berdugo is  the Chief Executive Office of Ledgersync and he can be reached at: Maurice.Berdugo@ledgersync.com