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How to Merge Accounts in QuickBooks Online

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Often times businesses need to revamp their charts of accounts or perhaps deal with accounts that were created in error.  If you are using QuickBooks Online you can easily merge accounts and consolidate all transactions into that one account which is a huge time saver.  Although very easy to accomplish there are a few rules that you need to follow.

  • Rename the account that you no longer wish to use to the account that you want to merge it to.
  • Use the account name field to do this as the merge will not work if you use account numbers
  • Make sure that the both the Type and the Detail Type match for both accounts

Below are some screen shot on how to easily accomplish this task.

What we want to do is merge the account Cash in Drawer into the Cash on hand account.  So you need to go to this line and under view register select Edit.QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts



Then you will change the fields highlighted below to match the fields on the account:  Cash on hand.

Cash in drawer edit account screen


Once you make the changes select Save and Close in the lower right of the edit account screen.  You will receive a bunch of warning which you will have to click Yes to complete the merge process.

The result is below.  One account with the transactions from both accounts.  Prior to the merge the QuickBooks Balance was -100.00 prior to the merge it is -150.00.

Merged Accounts in QuickBooks Online

If you are using our Transaction Pro Importer in order to avoid any new accounts being created review the info below.

  • Your import file should contain either the lowest sub account number OR the entire account:subaccount annd not both.  If you are using account numbers select the options button and turn on the Transaction Pro Importer option to enable account numbers.
  • In our newest App we have an option, Do not add new account numbers.  Read more here.

We hope this was helpful.  If you have any questions or comments please post them below.