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How to Merge Accounts in QuickBooks Online

Occasionally, businesses need to revamp their Charts of Accounts or eliminate accounts created in error. If you face this dilemma, you can easily merge accounts in QuickBooks Online and consolidate all transactions into one account. Although very easy to accomplish, there are a few rules you must follow.

Steps to Merge Accounts in QuickBooks
In this example, we want to merge the Cash in Drawer account with the Cash on Hand account. On the following screen, select “edit” under “view register.”
QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts

Next, change the contents of the “Name” field to “Cash on hand.”

Cash in drawer edit account screen

Once you update the name field, select Save and Close. A number of warning screens will pop up. Simply click “yes” on all screens to complete the merge process.

The resulting Cash on Hand account should appear as below. Make sure both the Type and Detail Type match for both accounts.
Merged Accounts in QuickBooks Online

Avoid New Accounts
If you are using Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online to merge QuickBooks accounts, you’ll want to avoid creating new accounts. First, your import file should contain either the lowest sub account number OR the entire account:subaccount, not both. If you’re using account numbers, select the Options button and turn on the Transaction Pro Importer option to enable account numbers and not add new account numbers.

Merging accounts in QuickBooks Online is a simple process, once you get the hang of it. If you still have problems, please reach out to our Customer Success team at support@transactionpro.com.