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Golden Opportunity

Golden Opportunity


We are honored to have a guest blog post from Carrie Kahn of Complete Business Solutions, an Intuit Reseller Partner.  Read below for a great success story on how Carrie was able to save one of her clients some money.


If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to get a deal on everything you purchase. Every time I shop, I research to find out if there is a way to save money by comparing prices online. We work extremely hard to stay the top product experts for QuickBooks Software so we can recommend the best solutions to small business owners and save them money in the process.

We have discovered a hidden discount opportunity that we call a “Golden Opportunity.” Many customers are not aware that it exists. We are able to save our customers money when bundling products together they already use. A perfect example of this is the Cable company. If you just buy the cable package you pay high rates, but when you bundle the telephone and internet with your cable plan then you save a huge amount rather than paying separately for each.

Now, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Gold Edition comes with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll and it’s a little known fact that there are no extra fees and Direct Deposit is Free! You can save over $1000 a year when purchasing QuickBooks Software with Enhanced Payroll by migrating to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Gold Edition.

In the case below, we highlight a Customer who uses 1 user QB Premier:


Customer is a Senior Citizens Center that is also Non-Profit. They are very price sensitive. Since they have a payroll subscription, they are required to stay on a supported version of QuickBooks.  They needed to update their software.

They also have a current QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll subscription that they use to run a bi- weekly payroll with 35 employees which was costing them an average of $175 per month.

In addition, this customer has a file size of 219,336K, which is more than double what is recommended for premier. What happens when you have a data file that is too large is that you experience slowness and are at risk for data corruption.

Finally, upon review of their account we found they were in a support subscription they didn’t use but were paying for.  In fact, they had no idea that they had signed up for this.


QuickBooks Enterprise can handle a file size up to 1,000,000K. By bundling the payroll, they had a total Savings of $1056.00 each year.

For half of what what they were paying for the payroll alone per month, they migrated to a software designed to hold a larger data file, for $87 per month. They also were refunded any unused portions of their subscriptions for payroll and overseas support.

Major Benefits of Moving from Premier to Enterprise

  • Free US Support for software/payroll instead of paid overseas support
  • Access to the Everything Enterprise learning center of videos
  • Data file will process significantly faster than before
  • Direct deposit will now be FREE, no extra fees
  • You won’t have to repurchase the software you have access to the latest version
  • You will now have online data backup available for free
  • Email invoices for payment for no monthly fee
  • Go Payment for no monthly fee
  • Data protection is included
  • You will now have access to Advanced Reporting
  • The software is a smooth upgrade, similar to the interface they know
  • Data protection services included

Complete Business Solutions is a Premier Reseller with Intuit and ranked #1 in the East. We are known in the Intuit community as the QuickBooks Solutions People. We sell and support QuickBooks product offerings at the best price, locking in lifetime discounts on subscriptions along with excellence in customer service. If you would like a complementary quote to see if you would qualify for our “Golden Opportunity” savings, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Complete Business SolutionsComplete Business Solutions is your One-Stop QuickBooks® Shop! Carrie Kahn, the owner of Complete Business Solutions delivers Intuit based solutions that simplify the lives of end-users, ProAdvisors and partners nationwide. Carrie is now considered one of the largest and fastest-growing IRP’s in the world.

We help small businesses purchase the RIGHT QuickBooks product at the LOWEST price locking in lifetime discounts on subscriptions and have the best SUPPORT available so that they use QuickBooks® the way it was intended allowing them to have their finger on the pulse of their business. We know the market, what works and what doesn’t, and only offer proven products that we use ourselves.

Carrie serves as a host for the ABBO Facebook group (Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Business Owners) as the QuickBooks Product Expert. She was named top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor of the Year for 2014, 2105, and 2016. She has been in the top 10 Intuit Premier Resellers (IRPs) since 2012 and currently is ranked #1 in the East.