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Expense control made simple: Use Bento for Business with Transaction Pro Importer

Preventing expense leaks is crucial to the success of small and medium-sized businesses, and it doesn’t need to be costly or time-consuming. In this guest post, Shuyi Shang from Bento for Business shows you how Bento and Transaction Pro work together to make expense management a breeze!


First off… What is Bento for Business?

Bento for Business provides prepaid Mastercard® linked to our desktop and mobile platform, which makes it easy to plan, control and keep track of employee expenses. Bento cards come with detailed, customizable spend limits, and can be turned ON/OFF with one click online. View and download receipts, monthly statements and transactions with just a few clicks.


Now that Bento has teamed up with Transaction Pro Importer, our users can seamlessly transfer Bento transactions into QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise Editions).


Why use Bento for Business and Transaction Pro Importer together?

Using our two software together, you can prevent expense leaks with little effort AND gain an accurate picture of your expenses down to every penny.


Start with Bento. Customize and automate every step of your expense management:

  • Assign admins and define account access based on roles
  • Budget and fund your Bento account at your preferred pace
  • Set each card’s spend limits by amount, time and expense category
  • View, sort and export transactions along with notes/tags/receipts
  • Download statements and reports
  • Receive auto alerts on account activities


Then use Transaction Pro Importer for seamless transfer of Bento data into QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Custom mapBento columns to QuickBooks fields and save it for future imports.
  • No duplicates—Transaction Pro automatically checks the data for you.
  • Search, specify and save vendor namesto match those in QuickBooks, using the Payee Alias feature.
  • Preview and edittransactions prior to importing.


Ready? It’s easy to get started with Bento:

  1. Take a few minutes to sign up. You could be approved—and your cards shipped—on the same day.

If you represent an accounting practice, consider joining via our Bento Expense Experts (BEE) partner program to receive exclusive benefits.

  1. Automatically get 60 days of free trial with no fee or commitment.
  2. No credit checks, no installation needed.


It’s easy to use Bento with Transaction Pro:

  1. In your Bento account, define date range and other filters, and export transactions in CSV format.
  1. Load the Bento CSV file into your Transaction Pro Import Wizard.
  2. Follow the prompts.




Bento for Business and Transaction Pro Importer both offer trial periods, so you have nothing to lose at all!


TRY BENTO FREE FOR 60 DAYS AT https://bentoforbusiness.com/app/signup

Sign up for a free trial of Transaction Pro Importer here.



Shuyi Shang is the Accounting Community Manager at Bento for Business. She can be reached at shuyi@bentoforbusiness.com.