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Data Mobility to Improve Productivity

In today’s digital world, small businesses have a variety of customer, vendor, employee, and financial data scattered through the ether. Customer data may be in a payment system, vendor data in a contract management app, employee data in human resources software, and financial data in a platform like QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

At the same time, data is a burgeoning part of a small business or accounting manager’s responsibility. Whether it’s interacting with data to learn more about the business and the company, getting hands on with data, or importing/exporting data to/from a financial accounting system small business and accounting managers everywhere are putting together their own data mobility strategies.

By piecing together these data workflows and strategies, small business managers or financial accountant can improve productivity. For example, businesses using CTUIT, LiquidPlanet, SAP Concur, and orderbot, use Transaction Pro Importer/Exporter to move data from Microsoft Excel into QuickBooks daily. These restaurants, project managers, travel managers, and accounting professionals are creating streamlined workflows and enhancing their understanding of their business with richer datasets.

Adding the components of data mobility to your business team’s arsenal can make a world of difference in how you talk to your customers, how they respond, and how you can build a loyal and curious workforce. Investing in these pieces can help propel growth more than any traditional approach today.


Let Transaction Pro be a part of your data mobility strategy. Take a look at our Import, Export, and Delete tools for QuickBooks here: https://www.transactionpro.com/products.htm