Affiliate Program


Join our affiliate program and get paid for each customer you refer that purchases one of our products.

It's easy to setup. Just follow the steps below and be up and running in minutes.

1. Create a link on your site to our products page.
    (for additional links to specific products email us in step 3)

2. Add what is called a "query string" to the end of the URL with the company name or how you want the orders to be tracked in our system.

Assume your company or web site name is You would add the following to the end of the link above: ?affiliate=portal999

Note do not use any spaces in your affiliate name.

The link your clients would end up clicking on would look like this:

What happens next? If a user comes to our site from your link a small "cookie" is saved and if they end up purchasing from us within 1 year your company gets a 10% referral fee.

Test it out! After setting your affiliate cookie go to this page and see your company name is set for the referral source:

Note that the first purchase of any product is not subject to the payments. So a qualifying purchase is required before you can start receiving affiliate payments.

3. Contact us at the end of each quarter and we will let you know how many referrals you generated and issue you a check.
Questions? Email us: