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Save hours of time with Importer, Exporter, and Deleter tools for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.


Import data and eliminate manual data entry. With Transaction Pro Importer, simply select your transaction type, set your options, map your fields and then sit back while you move thousands of rows of data into QuickBooks.

Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks: Data In.


Easily export data from your QuickBooks company file. Saves hours of time when you use Transaction Pro Exporter to export data in Excel, .CSV or .TXT format for analysis and reporting, or migrate data to another QuickBooks company.

Transaction Pro Exporter for QuickBooks: Data Out.


Clean up your QuickBooks file and removed unwanted data. Transaction Pro Deleter helps you to quickly remove incorrectly imported data or clean up a large QuickBooks company file. Save hours by performing batch deletions.

Transaction Pro Deleter for QuickBooks: Data Gone.

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5 out of 5 stars

We have been using Transaction Pro Importer for a while and have been extremely satisfied. It saves us several hours around month end close as we don't need to add bills and checks manually into QuickBooks - we use an Excel download and upload based on field mapping - it's intuitive and easy to use! We've needed to reach out to customer service a handful of times and have always had our questions answered in a timely manner. Definitely recommend!

Rachel T.
5 out of 5 stars

We use Transaction Pro Importer for both Desktop and Online QuickBooks. I am an accountant and have worked with QuickBooks for over 20 years. For several of our clients, we have imported checks from Excel spreadsheets. These checks sometimes have 5 or 6 different expense accounts and have also included transactions that increased inventory accounts. For one client with hundreds of transactions monthly, it went from taking days to input the data (with multiple mistakes since one check could impact up to 5 different expense/inventory accounts) to a matter of 5 minutes. Amazing! I have had to contact them on one occasion and the response time for the one issue we had was within the hour and it was also resolved within the hour. They were very professional, listened to the issue without unnecessary questions and had an answer quickly. I would highly recommend Transaction Pro and would not want to work without it.

D. Willis
5 out of 5 stars

Great app for importing from spreadsheets. Transaction Pro is saving me tons of time every week. I use it to import all the sales and expenses from our bar & catering operation (at a sports club) which are entered into a spreadsheet. It's pretty easy to setup and after that it's a breeze to use. Also, their support is great - I've had really quick & helpful responses to any query I've raised with them.

Paul at BSST
10,000+ Customers
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